Since its formation back in 1949, Kartell has become well-known and well-loved for it  unique products and commitment to innovation. In over seventy years of history, Kartell  has focused on research and evolved technological processes, since 1988 under the  guidance of Claudio Luti.  

Quality, design and industrial production combine to create the unique interpretation of  beauty that identifies Kartell. The same values also extend to the company’s unrivalled  technical know-how, which allows a creative lab of top designers to develop new products  that explore previously unreachable limits. Kartell has successfully developed  sophisticated products that blend advanced production technology with innovative  materials like carbon fibre, biopolymer, recycled waste, 3D curved wood from FSC certified  origins, and a new, green polycarbonate.  

Sustainability is one of Kartell’s founding values and today, thanks to the “Kartell loves the  planet” industrial manifesto, is destined to accelerate the process of materials conversion.  2030 has been set as the deadline for making all products in green materials whenever  technically possible.  

Single brand stores promote Kartell’s designs and values in special display settings that  change during the course of the year. The company’s retail network of directly owned and  franchise stores is constantly expanding, with an increasing number of strategic openings  to consolidate global leadership. Kartell also maintains a strong presence on all direct and  indirect online channels and the company’s e-commerce platform continues to play a key  role in its story-telling and commercial strategy.  

To illustrate all this, Kartell opened a Museum in 1999 celebrating fifty years of activity and  relating an extraordinary marriage of plastic and design.

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