The firm from Biella , over 50 years of activity, over the time has been able to carve itself a space of level in the international context of food&beverage , linking its brand to a distinctive concept : the consumer’s well-being. Purity and lightness are the peculiar qualities: Lauretana is a water of a mountain spring and its source is situated on the buttresses of Monte Rosa, in the alpine area of the Biella mountains , in an unpolluted territory at more than 1000 meters above sea level.Lauretana superiority is its lightness : with its 14 mg/liter of solid residue, it is the lightest water in Europe . There are also other values which contribute to determine the pure and light character of Lauretana water as for example the total hardness of 0,60°f which helps to prevent the development of kidney stones, the quantity of Sodium 0,88 mg/l (dissolved in the water), which makes it ideal for low Sodium diets and favors the hydration. The pH at 20°C is 6 which helps digestion and prevents the process of cell oxidation.

For its characteristics, Lauretana water is the ideal water for daily requirement, good for adults and children, perfect for athletes, appropriate for the preparation of baby food and for the new born, advised for pregnant women and during lactation.

Lauretana is present on the market with different bottles , for any requirements : the unmistakable 500,1000 and 1500 ml blue PET and the 1000 and 500 ml glass blue bottle. Besides the brand is on the tables of the best restaurants all over the world with the unique Pininfarina bottle (75 cl and 33 cl).

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