Prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC is Italian excellence, an expression of a well-defined territory that extends between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This area is rich in tradition and has a favorable climate that gives the Glera grape great elegance, balance and a contemporary charm.

The Prosecco Designation of Origin was born in 2009 from the union of winegrowers, winemakers and bottlers of 9 provinces located in the Italian regions of Veneto (Treviso, Belluno, Padua, Venice and Vicenza) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine) in order to inextricably link this wine to these territories. The Consortium voluntarily associates the different categories of producers – winegrowers, winemakers and sparkling wine houses – and strives for the improvement and development of the Denomination, the implementation of promotional actions, the enhancement, safeguarding and protection of the denomination in Italy and abroad, as well as the compliance with the rules set out in the production specification.

The Prosecco DOC Consortium has always supported the world of culture and of art in its many forms. Over the years it has gradually increased its own commitment to activities aimed at promoting cultural and artistic initiatives with particular attention to visual arts, music and entertainment in an attempt to intensify its presence in the diverse cultural sectors that are museums, the world of cinema and fashion. The Consortium has thus created a network of connections and strong ties through which it is able to enhance the Italian genius, which is found in the material and immaterial heritage that the whole world recognizes in the Bel Paese.

Prosecco DOC is a privileged partner to favor and support all artistic works of the Italian Genius, for this reason, it supports the journey of ApritiModa as Partner and Official Sparkling Wine. This cooperation resulted in the first edition of the creative contest “ApritiModa Label Design Contest for Prosecco DOC”, which saw the students of the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, NABA, try their hand at creating a label for a limited edition of Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOC Rosé. The two winners were the “Shades of Feeling” project by Paola Porazza and the project by Riccardo De Capitani. Given the success of the event, the contest was also reproposed for the 2023 edition.

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